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Types of Logos


Wordmarks can be creatively styled logos represented by text that spells out the brand, company or event with a uniquely stylized typeface.


Monogram Logos are a concept of combining 2 or more letters of a brand to form one distinctive visual emblem or mark.

Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark is a graphic symbol or icon that is distinctly and easily related to a specific brand.

Abstract Mark

Abstract marks are emblems or symbols consistent with geometric shapes which convey an idea rather than giving a direct message.

Combination Mark

A Combination mark consists of a combination of a wordmark and a pictorial, abstract or mascot symbol which shows a brand image.


An emblem can be a mark or iconic symbol that connects to a pictorial element that wont be a sole representation.


A mascot logo is an illustrated and most likely colorful character, that may also be cartoonish, which represents the brand.

Dynamic Mark

A dynamic mark is a new age adaptive symbol. Instead of one standard font or color, these elements change with different branding materials.